Hello. I am calling about the chargeback I have issued on my account. I’d like to state, that this was not a mistake. I don’t want to use the domain anymore. That”s why I have cancelled it on your web page. So, pls do not reactivate the services to this account.

If you feel there has been a mistake or if you have any questions about how to rectify this matter please contact us immediately at 877-472-4399 or reach us via chat by clicking on “Live Chat!” on our website at &

If you will be reversing the chargeback with your credit card company, please provide us with evidence of the reversal so we can update our records and reactivate the paid services to your account.

If you will be repaying the amount charged back plus the chargeback fee incurred by our company, please contact us to make those arrangements.   We will need your authorization to charge your credit card.

NOTE: The service associated with the chargeback will be cancelled after 3 weeks if we have not heard from you.  If the chargeback was for Hosting, VPS, or a Dedicated server, your account will be cancelled.  After your account is cancelled, all Web site files and e-mail addresses associated with the account will be taken offline permanently.

If you have questions or concerns, again please contact us by phone or chat listed above. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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